Michael Maldonado - The Latin Poet
A Brooklyn Nuyorican
Poetry is an interpretation of the visions the mind sees, imagines, or both. It cuts through the permeation of falseness implanted in our minds by the ignorant who wish to perpetuate the state of meaningless pseudo-living.     Click here to check out some of my Poetry.

 Love and Wisdom
   - a Marriage of Principles
Words alone cannot describe to another who we are, and yet we can strive to find the magic element in every relationship which will allow us to discover things about each other, and about ourselves. When we approach everything with a positive attitude, we can realize that this is an opportunity for a lifetime friendship. Magic does not happen every day, although we all hope to see it – and even more – to be a part of it. I am a poet, and I love stories that take us to places we've never been.

Love in unison with Wisdom are the key foundation on which all positive ideas are built. One cannot survive for long without the other. Let's find real truth by sensing what is right – inside our own hearts.


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